Swimming Screening and Assessment

How Screenings can help

Triathlon Physio

At Active Answers physiotherapy we have vast experience and interest in treating swimmers. Having been involved in swimming as an athlete, coach and physiotherapist it has allowed us to have a deep understanding in the sport, injuries and increasing performance. 


We have developed a screening and assessment tool to get the most out of our patients. This can be applied to competitive swimmers, those just swimming for fitness and everything in between. It includes pool swimming, ocean water swimming and triathletes.


What it Involves

A full body screening including the assessment of range of motion and muscle strength for swimming specific movements. In order to prevent injury and improve performance.

  • Using specialised dynamometer equipment to objectively measure strength ratios, which enables us to monitor load to prevent injury particularly in distance swimmers.
  • Provide an individualised rehabilitation program to achieve swimming specific range of motion and strength measurements. 
  • Provide an ongoing pre and post swim activation/mobility program to maintain adequate strength and range of motion required to optimise your swimming performance and prevent further injury
  • A detailed summary sheet outlining the results of the assessment and individualised rehabilitation program. 

If you are having trouble with your swimming, struggling with a persistent shoulder niggle or just want to boost your swimming performance then give us a call. 

Swimming Physio

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