Pre and Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Active Answers Physiotherapists are expert in providing pre and post operative rehabilitation following a wide variety of surgeries. We have close relationships to many local surgeons, which allows us to stay up to date with the latest surgical techniques and post operative protocols. We continue this communication pathway with the surgeon throughout your rehab journey to enable optimal recovery. 


You do not require a Doctor's referral to come and see us following your operation, however any information about your surgery will be helpful.


Our Physiotherapists will develop an individualised recovery plan, which is specific to your surgery and in line with the surgeons protocol. This will include a combination of hands on mobilisation and massage, with a progressive exercise program to increase your strength, coordination and range of motion. Enabling you to get back to your sport, hobbies or return to work. 


Pre Operative Rehabilitation involves:ACL physio

  • Strengthening muscles surrounding the operative limb

  • Building muscle strength so there is less wasting following the surgery 

  • Education about expectations during and following surgery


Post Operative Rehabilitation involves:

  • Education, reassurance and advice 

  • Hands on treatment to help restore range of motion and reduce swelling and pain

  • An individualised, progressive exercise program to increased strength, range of motion and coordination 

  • A safe supervised environment to perform your rehab

  • A graded return to sport and or activity


We have a gym in the clinic that provides the opportunity for patients to perform their rehabilitation program with the supervision of our experienced physiotherapists.  


We specialise in rehabilitation for surgery such as:

  • Knee reconstructions (ACL, Arthroscopy)

  • Shoulder Surgery (Rotator Cuff Repairs)

  • Spinal Surgery

  • Total Joint Replacements

  • ORIF Surgery 

  • Ankle Surgery

Previously Known as Appleby Physiotherapy 



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