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After completing his Diploma of Clinical Pilates, Perry began his teaching career in 2021 around the Northern Beaches and has not looked back since! Having grown up in the Northern Beaches, Perry loves bringing the community together and creating new friendships. In class, you will often see Perry breaking into dance, and cracking a few jokes here and there while making sure you get the best result out of the class.

Prior to teaching, Perry began his movement journey at The Australian Ballet School where he studied as a professional dancer and developed his passion for movement, he later worked professionally as a dancer in Germany for two years before making the move back to Australia.

Perry is always happy to collaborate and accommodate your specific needs, answer questions, and get to know you to find the best way to help you achieve your personal goals.

Come join in on the fun with Perry in the studio!


Join the Pilates journey with our exclusive Reformer Pilates classes in Seaforth, where class sizes are deliberately kept small, limited to just four participants. This ensures you receive very close attention, allowing you to perform each exercise correctly and get the most out of every session.

Our intimate setting enables us to cater to everyone's unique needs, whether you're focused on building strength, enhancing flexibility, improving cardio fitness, or preventing injuries. Our expert instructors are dedicated to guiding you towards your fitness goals in a supportive and focused environment.

Immerse yourself in the world of Reformer Pilates in Seaforth, where you're not just a participant but an essential part of a community committed to overall well-being. Join us for a personalised Pilates experience that elevates your fitness journey to new heights.

Previously Known as Appleby Physiotherapy 



1-3 Burnt Street
NSW 2092
(02) 9907 9667

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