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Why do I get back pain?

Acute lower back pain is usually caused by excess stress and strain being placed upon the back. As your lower back is essential to all movements in your body, pain in this area can often feel more severe than elsewhere. 

Our spine's are designed to move. Movement creates fluid that helps to lubricate and provide shock absorption within the joint. Without movement, our joints become stiff, irritated and painful. Often resulting in a protective response in the form of muscle spasm.  

How can physio help back pain?

Knowing the cause to the problem is the most important part. By conducting a thorough assessment and history we can find ot what is causing the problem and then develop a plan and program to get you out of pain and keep you out of pain. 

The most common problem with back pain is that we will often do what is needed to become pain free and then stop our exercises and revert back into old habits. 

Unfortunately this happens far too often and leads to recurrent episode of back pain.

We have developed a back care class just for this problem. 

Back Care Program 

This program runs for 6 weeks and involves an education and exercise component to make sure you have the knowledge to understand your back pain and the strength to remain pain free. More information here

Back Care Class

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