Preventing Skiing Injuries


With the snow season just around the corner there is no better time to start working on your fitness and strength to minimise your risk of injury and maximise your time on the slopes. 

Skiing PhysioThe most common snow injuries include:

  • Knee pain and ligament injury (ACL, MCL)

  • Wrist injuries 

  • Shoulder injuries 

What can I do before going to the snow to reduce my risk?

We recommend a program to build up your leg and core strength, balance and cardiovascular endurance. As the legs take most of the load during both skiing and boarding this is a great place to focus most of your time. Balance is also very important, as most injuries tend to occur when we are off balance. Including single leg exercises in you program is a great way to work on strength and balance at the same time. 

Here are our favourite strength exercises to prepare for the snow season:

Squat/Bulgarian split squat

SquatsKnee and hip strength

Single leg dead lift 

Hamstring Strength


Plank core strength

Russian twists 

Core strength

Lateral hops 

Don't forget to work on your stamina with some cardiovascular fitness training. Fatigue can increase your risk of injury and limit the amount of snow time. Cycling, running, stepper and rowing machines are all great exercises to improve this.

Other factors to consider:

  • Equipment - Make sure to have all equipment fitted and functioning correctly. 

  • Technique - If you are new to the sport, it may be worth getting a ski instructor to help you out. Good technique can significantly reduce injury rates. 

  • Warm up - If you are on the slopes for a whole day, take the time to build up. Make sure to take rest stops. Fatigue will increase your risk of injuries.

Our physiotherapists can also develop individualised program's if you have specific injuries/goals. 

For a specific program or if you have any question just reach out here - Contact us or Book Online by clicking below 


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