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Tom Gilbert Physio

Tom graduated from ACU with a bachelor of Physiotherapy and has worked in the musculoskeletal field ever since. Tom has worked extensively with the Australian Youth Water polo team on multiple European world championship tours as well as elite and amateur swimming teams.

These experiences have given him the skills to manage and specifically treat acute or long-standing injuries that arise from these sports.

Tom has a passion for managing lower limb injuries, particularly in runners. His knowledge stems from his work as a Physiotherapist with distance running squads both locally and in the England. Tom uses a biomechanical approach to determine the cause of the problem and will work with the patient to set up strength and management programs accordingly

Spending 2 years in the United Kingdom, Tom worked in orthopaedic clinics responsible for treating patients with both hip and knee osteoarthritis, as well as chronic low back pain. Setting up exercise classes, tailoring home exercise programs and closely managing patients to improve both pain and function.


Previously Known as Appleby Physiotherapy 



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