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If you are after a thorough screening of your swimming specific strength and mobility, book an appointment with Michael. Michael is our swimming guru and has been screening athletes for the last 10years. 

What is involved:

  • Assessment of your injury history and current strength and mobility 

  • Dynamometer testing to gain objective strength measures and ratios to help with exercise prescription and injury management 

  • A strength and mobility program to help prevent injuries and improve swimming performance 

  • Linking in with your coach to help match your assessment results with your swimming goal and stroke technique


Importance of pre swim exercises 

Leg swings

Stretching out your hip flexors and hamstrings is very important for both swimming speed and injury prevention. Tight hip flexors will limit your kicking speed and place increased strain on your low back. 

Shoulder Activation 

If you are a swimmer, I am sure you have heard of the rotator cuff. These small muscles in the shoulder work very hard in overhead positions. If they are not strong or warmed up they can very easily becomes overworked and painful. These exercises are a must. If you want to know how to build shoulder strength and endurance to bullet proof your shoulders further then let us know. 

Chest stretch

Tightness through the front of your chest will also limit your ability to achieve the streamline position and causes increased pressure on the front of your shoulders.

Thoracic Extension 

Essential to be able to maintain a streamline position. If you are stiff and rounded through your back then it will be very difficult to achieve this streamline position. This will cause you to fight through the water (increasing drag) rather then sitting high on the water surface and increasing the strain to the front of the shoulder.  

Streamline position = injury free, fast swimming 

Thoracic Rotation 

Upper back rotation is a must when it comes to swimming. If you are unable to rotate sufficiently then you will be forced to compensate with your neck, arms or with your kick. This can lead to neck and shoulder pain or a very poor balanced stroke, affecting your swimming speed and efficiency.


Reach out if you have any questions, we love to chat all things swimming.

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