Dry Needling

Benefits of Dry Needling
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Dry needling is a treatment approach where a very fine sterilised needle is used to desensitise soft tissue, promote healing and enhance the production of endorphins. This can be known to help alleviate pain, increase flexibility and restore function.


At Active Answers Physio, dry needling is used in conjunction with a number of other hands-on treatment techniques to help speed up your recovery. While we know dry needling can be highly effective in relieving muscular pain initially, the source of the pain can be caused by compensatory patterns due to other musculoskeletal issues. We will always conduct a comprehensive assessment of your issue to better understand your problem and design an appropriate treatment plan for you, to help you get back to your best.


Dry needling can help is some conditions such as:Runners knee pain

  • Pins and needles

  • Muscle tightness or tears

  • Sports injuries 

  • Tennis elbow

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