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Joel Elbag

I have been in the health and fitness industry for 40 years when my love of fitness came while playing basketball in college in America and then coaching at California State University. 

My personal training career started in Orange County, California and has spanned all over the globe from owning and managing health clubs from Los Angeles to New York where I trained many of your favorite high profile celebrities and professional athletes for upcoming film and television roles or for upcoming basketball seasons. My basketball experience combined with my fitness training made for a good fit for training high school, NCAA and professional athletes. 

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Training high profile celebrities and athletes opened even more doors for my career as that led to writing featured articles for Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, LA/NY Times, Cycling and Australian Institute of Sport.


I moved with my family to Sydney in 2006, based in Seaforth and North Balgowlah on the beautiful Northern Beaches. 

I have continued to train clients to reach their fitness goals while also working as a basketball coach for the St Augustine’s College as well as coaching responsibilities at other schools as well as our local Representative Basketball Associations within the Sydney area. I have since become the Head of Fitness for St Augustine’s College Basketball, in charge of all Health and Fitness related duties.

But my biggest and most rewarding role throughout my entire career has been and still is being a dad to my son, Lucas!

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