Osteoarthritis Exercises

Less Pain, Better Function

Home Strength Exercise Program

Click on the link below for the booklet:

Active Answers Physio Home Exercise Booklet

We know the current best evidence for reducing pain and increasing function associated with osteoarthritis is Exercise. So give these a go. 

There is also a great guide to take you through how much pain is acceptable during exercise and when to know the right time to progress.  


Benefits of Exercise:

  • Increases strength of the surrounding muscles and bones to reduce the load and better stabilse the affected joint.

  • Pain relief. The release of endorphins results in less pain and increased feelings of well being. Reducing the need for medication

  • Exercise moves your joints through their range of motion, which will make it easier to do everyday activities, such as putting on shoes and socks. 

  • Weight control 

If you are after a more specific strength or exercise program then just reach out and we make one just for you. 

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