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John Appleby graduated from Cumberland College of Health Sciences (now Sydney University) with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy

Early in his career he became interested in the field of acute and chronic spinal pain and he entered into a pathway of post-graduate education with The Mckenzie Institute International, a leading global clinical research institute in the area of spinal pain. John was involved for over 25 yrs and is a credentialed Mckenzie Therapist (but no he doesn't wear a kilt).

He does have nearly 40 yrs experience in the analysis of back pain and the prescription of exercise and manual therapy to facilitate patients rapid return to pain free function.

He is a keen swimmer/body surfer, cyclist and skier and has been a member of the Sydney University Graduate Choir for the past 20 years!


Previously Known as Appleby Physiotherapy 



1-3 Burnt Street
NSW 2092
(02) 9907 9667

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