Home Exercise Series: Sit to Stand

The sit-to-stand exercise is a simple and effective exercise that can be performed by anybody who has a chair. It consists of sitting down and moving to a standing position. 

It sounds easy, however for people with weak legs, knees, hips, core, bones (osteoporosis) or back problems, the exercise can be difficult.  

One of the best things about this exercise is how versatile it is and how It can be progressed or made easier with a few adjustments. 

Progressions SL STS

Starting with a high chair will make the exercise easier (using the edge of the couch or bed is often higher than your standard chair), you can also use hand support to help with balance. As you find the exercise easier then progress to a lower chair height.

Once you have lowered the chair height you can progress to a split stance (where the back leg will take more of the weight). If you are still looking to make it more challenging than you can try a single leg sit to stand.

The single leg variation is extremely effective for runners, helping to control the knee and hip position while building strength. 

The exercise should be done slowly and controlled, making sure that your ankles, knees and hips all remain in line, avoiding your knee collapsing inward. 

Seniors strengthBenefits 

  • Strengthens the glutes (buttox muscles), quadriceps and core at the same time, helping to reduce hip and knee joint pain
  • Improved balance and a lower risk of falling
  • Strengthening the core and glutes will help to reduce lower back pain
  • Improve bone health and strength for conditions such as osteoporosis

    The sit to stand exercise is also used as a measure of frailty. Research has shown that an inability to complete 5 x sit to stands leads to a heightened risk of falls in the elderly. 

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