Acute Lower Back Pain

Low Back Pain

How to get rid of my back pain?

The majority of us will experience an acute episode of lower back pain in our lifetimes. The vast majority of these cases will resolve within a few
weeks with the correct management and exercises

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Healing Time

The natural healing time for these structures can be up to 4-6 weeks, and exercise is a key element to this. You will probably notice a tendency to stiffen up quickly, and immobility will make you stiffer and weaker.

Try to avoid sitting, lying or standing in one position for extended periods of time. Regular movement is key to reduce joint and muscle stiffness.

As well as exercise and movement ensuring comfortable, efficient positions to sit, sleep and work in is essential to allowing your back to recover from an acute episode of pain

Adjust Your Posture

Our spines have evolved to work best in certain positions. For example, if you sit slumped for long periods your muscles will eventually fatigue and may become uncomfortable, so it is advisable to sit with your upper back supported and a slight arch in your lower back.

Your physio will prescribe you with some take home exercises to reduce stiffness and increase your core muscle strength. It is important in the early stages that you complete these exercises regularly throughout the day. This is one of the keys in helping to get rid of your back pain.

Eventually these exercises need to be progressed to become more challenging and most people will benefit from starting a regular general exercise routine such as running, swimming or cycling.
Regular exercise will help to reduce recurrent episodes of low back pain.

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