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Our body (especially the spine) relys on movement to lubricate the joints and avoid stiffness and irritation. This lubrication keeps the joints healthy and pain free. The exercises in the video are all based around improving the mobility of the spine.  Hope you enjoy!

Exercise 1: Bow and Arrows 

Targeted at the thoracic spine (mid back). Mobility through the mid back is so important to reduce the load on the neck and low back. Stiffness through this area increases with long periods of sitting.

Exercise 2: Knee Rolls

Targeted at the lower back. Rocking your knees side to side will open up the joints and give the muscles surrounding the spine a nice stretch.

Exercise 3: Thoracic spine extension over towel 

Targeted at the thoracic spine (mid back). Maintaining extension in the mid back is cruical in reducing stiffness of the neck. Most neck pain can be attributed to stiffness in the mid/upper back area.

Exercise 4: Chest stretch and back extension 

Targeted at the upper back and the chest. Sustained sitting postures will tighten up the chest muscles and pull you forward into a slumped posture. Stretching the chest muscles and the upper back will help to keep you sitting tall and less pressure on the neck joints.  


If you are experiencing pain in the neck or back give these exercises a go. If you are still having trouble then please get in contact with one of our physiotherapists. We would be more then happy to have a chat and help you through your pain. 


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